Included in Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre’s diverse repertoire are captivating works by choreographers

Durell Comedy, Hannah Anderson, Tobin James, Fabiana Poulis, and Liz Dimmel


Repertoire/Major Works


The Mystery of Christmas:

A Christian re-write of Tchaikovsky’s original Nutcracker.  With breathtaking sets and beautiful costumes, the Holy Spirit (Sugar Plum Fairy) takes Clara back to Bethlehem to witness the birth of Christ, the heavenly host rejoicing, and the Nations of the world presenting their dances before the King of Kings. The plan of salvation thru the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is dramatically portrayed through the closing grand pas de deux.IMG_1917




The Masquerade:

A full length “Sleeping Beauty” with the intricate choreography of Marius Petipa, yet re-written by Liz Dimmel to portray the awakening of the Bride of Christ.  Beautiful sets and original costumes come alive to the glorious music of Tchaikovsky as we see the Bride discover how she has so cleverly been deceived.


Dethroning the Prince: 

A powerful, intense ballet theatre production. Pulling back the veil to reveal the reality of the spiritual realm, the ballet follows four characters, navigating through life and the painful consequences of poor choices. Untangling the web of deceit and showcasing God’s grace, the characters are shown that through the power of honesty and forgiveness, even the most torn relationships can be mended. Difficult topics covered are infidelity, abortion, drugs, peer pressure, depression, and self-centered pursuits.


 The Book of Ruth:

The Biblical story of Ruth depicted by a beautiful mix of Graham-based modern and classical pointe work.  Choreography by Liz Dimmel to a compilation of piano pieces composed by Jeff Bijour and John Elliott.


Chichester Psalms:

A 30 minute composition by Leonard Bernstein with choreography by Liz Dimmel and Limon Company’s Durell Comedy.  This is a contemplative work contrasting those without God with those who have chosen God. The haunting pieces are sung by a choir in Hebrew, and conclude with the “loveliness of brothers dwelling in unity”. The choreography is reminiscent of the beautiful arched architecture of Chichester, England.


Repertoire/Shorter Works

The Brilliance:

A 10 minute suite that is a treat for the eyes as well as the heart. Chrystaline costumes, lovely classical choreography, set to strings and vocal pieces of worship.


Venezuelan Waltzes:

Choreographed for DTBT by Fabianna Poulis, this 10 minute suite, depicts the different personalities in the body of Christ, through a delightful combination of Ballenchine and Spanish style choreography set to Venezuelan guitar.


Also available a wide variety of exciting and moving worship pieces