Dethroning Cast List

Congratulations to the 2015 Cast of Dethroning the Prince



Lead Characters:
    Pastor – Evan Lovelace
    Pastor’s Wife – Robin Swick
    Doctor – Caitlin Gregorczyk
    Actress – Michaela Tharpe
    Husband – Seth York
    Sister – Easton Blayney
Named Demons:
    Control (Pastor’s vice) – Hannah Dunteman
    Justification (Doctor’s vice) – Sophie Yancey
    Selfish Ambition (Actress’s vice) – Leah Clark
    Despair (Sister’s vice) – Kimberly Zehr
    The Prince – William Franklin
Unnamed Demons: Monica Berghout, Windy Farr, Darcy Feathers, Angie Ginenthal, Olivia McAuliffe, Amariya Mullet, Alicia Vossler, Phia Walla
Church Teens: Olivia McAuliffe, Alicia Vossler, Phia Walla
Church Men: Angelo Watson
Church Women: Samantha Bennett, Monica Berghout, Darcy Feathers, Morgan Middleton
Grandparents: John and Patti Doty
Pastor’s Children: Shalom Coe, Zoe Nichols
Church Children:  Jeremiah Brown, Jonah Brown, Abi Christian, Ivana Coe, Abigail Mullet
Hipsters: Angie Ginenthal, Phia Walla, (TBA: Alicia, Darcy, Monica, Morgan, Olivia)
Nurse – Darcy Feathers
Pregnant Women: Amariya Mullet, Angie Ginenthal, Phia Walla, Windy Farr
Water of the Word Angels: Alicia Vossler, Monica Berghout, Samantha Bennett
Angelic Beings: Angie Ginenthal, Windy Farr
Jesus – Mike Huerter
Main Friend – Windy Farr
Actress double – Angie Ginenthal
Make-up Artist – Darcy Feathers
Line Reader – TBA


Rabbi – Timothy Wong
Messianic Jews: Alicia Vossler, Caitlin Gregorczyk (soloist), Titus Wong, Windy Farr (TBA: Amariya, Morgan)
Priest – Angelo Watson
Catholic Members: Angie Ginenthal, Darcy Feathers, Monica Berghout, Olivia McAuliffe, Phia Walla,  Samantha Bennett, Titus Wong, (TBA: Amariya, Morgan)
Split Church: Angie Ginenthal, Olivia McAuliffe, (TBA: Amariya, Darcy, Monica, Morgan, Phia, Samantha, Windy)
Water of the Word Angels: Samantha Bennett, Monica Berghout, Olivia McAuliffe, Alicia Vossler