Peggy Ply Memorial Scholarship Fund

An inspiration to so many dancers across the Kansas City Metro, and one of our own most beloved teachers and friends, Peggy Ply passed away February 16, 2017. Although her passing has left a large void in our hearts, we want her work and legacy to continue.

Miss peggy

Peggy was one of eight original dancers in the professional wing of what is now the Kansas City Ballet. She was also one of the original dancers with Westport Ballet where she later taught and choreographed. Even from the early days of her professional career as a dancer, Peggy was committed to investing her time and talent into raising up young aspiring dancers across the Kansas City Metro. After many years of teaching at various prestigious dance programs, Peggy found what would become her home at Dramatic Truth School of the Arts. It was here that she would finally see the fruition of combining her love for the Lord with her love of ballet. Peggy spent the last fifteen years of her life training, loving, and inspiring her students at Dramatic Truth School of the Arts and empowering them through the art of dance to recognize their potential even in the face of difficulties and limitations. Peggy believed in her students, and they knew this. Through her teaching, encouragement and gifted choreography, each student had an opportunity to shine and see the beauty and value in their movement. It is our heart to see this legacy continue. Through the generous donations of Kansas City Metro benefactors, we seek to continue Peggy’s work by providing scholarships each September to underprivileged young dancers who would not otherwise be able to study this beautiful artform.