22 Feb 2017
February 22, 2017

Tribute to Miss Peggy

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Miss peggyLast Wednesday night in the middle of rehearsal, I received a devastating call from Peggy’s daughter , Laura. Peggy had an aneurism, was in ICU and it didn’t look good. As my eyes filled with tears, we stopped rehearsal and began to pray. Company members, trainees, students, and parents who were waiting, joined together to pray, worship, weap, and come before the Lord. We continued for over an hour, then finished holding one another and released the situation into the Lord’s hands. The next morning I received the call from Laura that she had passed into the heavenly kingdom at 3am.

Oh how we all loved Peggy. She became such a vital part of Dramatic Truth and my life over 10 years ago, when she told me she wanted to understand more about combining her love for Jesus with her love of ballet. As we traveled that road together, teaching, choreographing and loving our students, I don’t know that I’ve ever known such an amazing woman. She loved so deeply, cared so passionately for her family, welcomed everyone with that warm smile, and always made us laugh with her “Peggy” sayings and mischievious blue eyes! And though she she would melt with compassion over a discouraged student, she packed a 45 handgun under her front seat in case anyone tried to mess with her!

That was Peggy! Oh how I love and will miss you, my dear dear friend. But I know it really isn’t that long before I will see you again Miss Peggy. 

Liz Dimmel