Lower School

Wee/Pre-Ballet (ages 3-6):

Does your little princess dance everywhere she goes?  Does your little knight love to explore movement?
If so, then register for your free trial ballet class, and bring a friend!
In this class, your child will enjoy hearing their favorite Bible stories in preparation for a time of worship, all while effortlessly discovering the fundamentals of ballet.
Ballet 1a/1b (ages 7-8): 
Does your daughter dream of becoming a ballerina?  Does your son love to explore movement?  Do they dance everywhere they go?
If so, then register for your free trial ballet class, and bring a friend!
Beginning each class with prayer, your child will learn the basics of ballet technique as well as worshipping the Lord with movement.  Also, their dream of performing becomes a reality as they take the stage in the Mystery of Christmas and the Spring Worship Concert.

Level II 

Level 2 is geared towards the enthusiastic student who has had one or two years of previous dance experience and is dedicated to pursuing dance. Your passionate and hard-working child will join with other like-minded students to study intermediate level ballet, achieving solid technique and a comprehensive ballet vocabulary. Your dancer’s class will be taught in a loving,  Christian family environment where excellent technique is taught alongside Christ-like values and dance as worship. In the anual Dramatic Truth Spring Concert, your child will perform in an original piece choreographed for the class, sharing all that he or she has learned with your family and friends.
If you think this sounds like the perfect fit for your dancer, come and try a trial class for free!

Level IIC (4 classes per week)  


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