Student Policies

Student Policies

These can also be found in the DT Student Handbook

Dress Code


Women must wear pink tights, pink shoes, and colored leotard designated by ballet level (see Class Descriptions for color ). Chest must be covered and supported. Camisoles are NOT allowed. Add knit shorts over tights in mixed classes. No canvas shoes until Level III.

Men wear white (Ballet I, II, III) or black (Ballet IV and V) under armour shirt or sleeveless undershirt, ballet shoes (black or white), compression shorts under black dance pants.


Fitted black T-shirt or tank top covering the chest and hips, black dance pants, and black jazz shoes may be used in performances.


Solid color leotards, chest covered and supported, no shoes. Add dance pants in mixed classes.


Hair must be in a ponytail through Pre-Ballet. Beginning at Ballet I, hair must be in a bun.  In all other classes hair must be pulled back and secured off the face.

Class Etiquette

Dramatic Truth is committed to upholding standards that will develop discipline and respect in students while emphasizing to each student their individual worth and contribution. The following are class guidelines that we expect all students to adhere to in order to uphold unity, harmony, and respect for teachers and fellow students.

  1. Please adhere to the dress and hair code. Understand that your instructor or another staff member may ask you to change your clothing or hair before continuing in class.
  2. Be on time for class. Arriving early to prepare for class and stretch is recommended. Late arrivals may be asked to sit and watch class at the discretion of the teacher.
  3. Talking during class is disruptive.  Sometimes questions concerning technique may arise. All these questions are valid, but may be answered by waiting, observing and listening to the teacher giving direction to another dancer. Before interjecting your question, please wait to see if your question is answered by another method. If not, when the teacher is finished with a correction or combination, you may ask your question in a respectful and polite manner.
  4. Cell phones are not allowed in class. If you are expecting an important call let your teacher know.
  5. Texting is not allowed during class.
  6. Any communication concerning missed rehearsals need to be in writing and deposited into the appropriate teacher’s mailbox in the white bookcase in the front lobby. Absence from rehearsal must be communicated verbally with Mrs. Dimmel AND in writing to the teacher’s mailbox.
  7. Please be focused during class times. Taking your classes seriously will create an environment that is conducive to learning.