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teacher posterTeacher’s Workshop

Introduction to Ballet Teaching Studies, 8 hrs

August 8th and 9th, 2-6 pm, Dramatic Truth Studios

Early Registration: $65, After July 16th: $100
Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre is excited to present a Teacher’s Workshop taught by Monica Berghout, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in England. This workshop is designed for those wishing to pursue a career as a professional ballet teacher, as well as those wanting to continue their education to provide the best, classical ballet teaching available to their students. Participants will receive a certificate showing completion of the 8 hour course: Introduction to Ballet Teaching Studies, achieving a basic mastery of teaching theory and method, child development, and discipline and motivation, with a practical knowledge of the application of these theories. 
Scope and Sequence:
  • Fundamental elements of ballet teaching, including the art and profession of teaching.
  • Teaching theories and methods will be explored, especially scaffolding, the zone of proximal development, spiral curriculum, and learning cycles and styles. Once grasped, these theories will be applied to the setting of a ballet class.
  • Motivation and discipline in the classroom, and intellectual development of children– how children at different ages learn and how to customize ballet training to best benefit each child.
  • Essential technique of classical ballet, with emphasis on how to ensure students are understanding the correct mechanics of the body needed for the accurate execution of ballet. Examples and ideas of how to give students this understanding of their bodies will be suggested and discussed.
  • Direct Application of knowledge gained by teaching excerpts of technique to ballet students.
  • Key educationalists and teaching theorists will be drawn upon, including Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget, Jerome Bruner, Elizabeth Gibbons, Peter Honey, Alan Mumford, and David Kolb.

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