The Forest Inside

The Forest Inside is a ballet which follows the journey of a free mind as it encounters negative thoughts for the first time. It all begins with a young girl opening the door of her forest to a mysterious, but alluring stranger. Before she knows it, her forest is overrun.

The concept for this show all started with my own struggle of fear of the dark and nightmares when I was young. I have always wanted to be a choreographer and produce shows, so I decided to start developing this idea. Not long after I made that decision the opportunity to make this show a reality stood right before me. The original idea quickly evolved into focusing on negative thoughts and how they can enslave a mind. This subject is very important to me because it is something every single human being can relate to on some level. We have all had people say mean things to us. We have all doubted our worth. We have all felt lost in the darkness of our own mind.

The forest is actually based on a physical place from my childhood and is a very important part of the whole process. For me, this forest was where I could go and I always felt I could truly be myself, it was the place I was free. My hope is that people will find that freedom by simply learning to love who they are. We have so much power over our own mind. The choice to allow those negative thoughts to take control or to close the door is in our own hands.


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Audra Wilson

Audra Wilson began dancing at age 13 with Dramatic Truth School of the Arts where she trained in ballet, pointe, Graham based modern, and contemporary. She was a member of the the school’s Trainee Company for three years giving opportunity the her to perform locally as well as in Houston and New York City. As performed Audra student Truth Dramatic a Firstborn as shows such in from the Dead, The Mystery of Christmas, and Dethroning the Prince. In 2014, Audra spent time overseas using her dance on the mission field in both England and Italy where she not only performed, but also taught workshops and had the chance to collaborate with other artists from around the world. In 2016, Audra graduated from Dramatic Truth’s Traditional Track and is currently teaching the Graham technique and ballet at the school. She is a company member with Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre.





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