Tuition and Financial Policies

These can also be found in the DT Student Handbook

Class Costs

Students who enroll at Dramatic Truth by paying a registration fee are entitled to take classes at a yearly (Sept-May) rate which is payable either in full at registration or monthly throughout the year.  Our tuition schedule is based on classes for the entire family, not for each individual student.  Therefore, classes taken by students within the same family may be added together to achieve greater discounts.  This policy reflects Dramatic Truth’s desire to support and strengthen families.

For those not enrolled at Dramatic Truth, classes are available at a single class rate of $20 (not including private lessons) and is payable at the time of the class.  The single class fee is only available for students who are not enrolled at Dramatic Truth and is subject to staff approval based on skill level and whether the class is appropriate for the individual.

Two Payment Options Available

  1. ONE-TIME: Pay total tuition for the year from class registration to May.  Due within 30 days of class registration. A 5% discount is available for those that choose this option and pay within the 30 days of registration.
  2. MONTHLY: Total tuition for the year is divided equally over each month between class registration and May.  Tuition is due the first of each month.

Once a payment option is chosen, it cannot be changed until August registration of the following year.

Tuition Fee Schedule:       
Number of Hours
per Week per Family
hours per week per family monthly
0.75 hr $55
1 hr $60
1.5 hrs $87
2 hrs $110
2.5 hrs $131
3 hrs $150
3.5 hrs $167
4 hrs $180
4.5 hrs $196
5 hrs $210
5.5 hrs $223
6 hrs $234
6.5 hrs $244
7 hrs $252
7.5 hrs $265
8 hrs $275
8.5 hrs $285
9 hrs $295
9.5 hrs $305
10 hrs $315
10.5 hrs $325
11 hrs $335
11.5 hrs $345
12 hrs $355
12.5 hrs $365
13 hrs $375
13.5 hrs $385
14 hrs $395
14.5 hrs $405
15 hrs $415
15.5 hrs $420
16 hrs $425
Each additional 30 min $5
Strengthening fee 2C-5 $20
Single class fee $20
2.5% semester discount
5% yearly discount


Financial Policy

1. Automatic withdrawal or a bank generated check on the 1st of the month is the preferred method of payment.

2. If you own a credit card, we must have it on file.  If you choose to make your payment manually, it must be received by the 5th, or tuition and a $15 late fee will be charged to your card on the 6th.

3. If you do not own a credit card, cash or check must be received by the 5th, or a $15 late fee will be charged to your account on the 6th and every 5 days after the 5th until the full amount is received.

4. For past due accounts the full amount plus the current month’s tuition must be received by the 1st. The student will not be allowed to return to class until the account is current.

5. December tuition must be in by Dec 1st in order to perform in The Mystery of Christmas.

6. Accounts must be current with January tuition paid in order to begin classes in January.

7. May tuition must be in by May 1st in order to perform in the Spring Concert.                                                                                  
8. There are no refunds. There is no prorating for vacations or injury.  Classes may be made up within the month following the absence.
 9. The full academic year is based on a 36 week formula in which breaks and holidays are accounted for, making tuition the same each month.

Registration Fees

The registration fee is $30 per student.  Payment of this fee permits a student to register and begin classes at any time during the school year. Early fall registration is now available to you online through the student accounts portal. Early registration dates are June 1 through Aug 15 online.  Early registration is $20 per student, and after Aug 15 is $30 per student.

Returned Check Charges

There will be a $20 charge for any check not honored by your bank, whether for insufficient funds or any other reason.

Adding or Dropping Classes

If you decide to add or drop classes it may affect the tuition amount you are charged. If a student wishes to add a class, simply contact student accounts. If a student is dropping  a class, a one month notice is required in writing, and the student is responsible for that month’s tuition.

School Closing and Bad Weather Policy

DT does not follow the school calendar or school closing policy of the school district where we are located. We are closed Thanksgiving weekend (except for scheduled rehearsals), Christmas Break, Good Friday Weekend, Spring Break, Memorial Day, and July 4.

Any changes or cancellations due to weather will be updated on the business office answering machine (816-767-9222) by 2:00 pm during the week and 8:00 am on Saturday. 

Missed Rehearsal Notification

Rehearsal absences must be communicated both in writing and verbally and approved at least 7 days in advance.

Performance Fees

Each school year, Dramatic Truth stages one or two major productions, one being The Mystery of Christmas, and the other, a concert in the spring.  The primary purpose for these productions is to provide an opportunity for students to use their skills in a performance setting.

Student participation in major productions is optional.  All students who wish to participate in The Mystery of Christmas must make a verbal commitment to do so by October 1, 2015. Each student is also required to pay a performance fee. There is no costume fee for The Mystery of Christmas.  Performance fees for The Mystery of Christmas are due by October 15, 2015.  Costumes for The Mystery of Christmas are provided by the school.  Dancers are responsible for expenses incurred for personal items such as tights, shoes, white shirts, etc.

Since monthly tuition payments are divided equally over the school year, full December tuition is still due even with the shortened schedule because of Christmas.  All families involved in Mystery of Christmas pay regular December tuition as well as the performance fee.  Please note that the hours students and teachers put into rehearsal and theater time is equal to or exceeds actual hours in the classroom. Rehearsal time and theater time is invaluable experience for our students. It teaches not only choreography but theater skills such as make-up, stage presence, acting and group cooperation. We also have an abbreviated holiday class schedule in December.

For spring productions, students may be required to purchase or rent a costume in addition to performance fees.  It is suggested that families budget $100 per student for costume purchases/rentals. If the student is in multiple classes, multiple costume costs will be incurred.   It is unknown at this time if there will be a Spring 2016 concert.


Dramatic Truth conducts fundraising events for the purpose of supplementing our normal sources of revenue.  The funds generated by these events have been crucial to the on-going success of the organization, particularly during the summer months. All families are required to participate in selling Price Chopper and HyVee coupon books during the months of March-May.

The coupon book sales event has been chosen because it is a useful item that sells easily, and generates a good return for the organization.  Each student must sell a minimum of 15 books at a price of $5 each or to purchase the books for $75.  Prizes are awarded based on the number of books sold. Other fundraisers regarding specific needs or events may be conducted throughout the year.

It is important to understand that because Dramatic Truth is an organization that unashamedly espouses Christian beliefs and principles, we are somewhat limited in our access to public funding.  Unlike scouting and other secular youth-oriented organizations, our contributions typically come only from individuals and other Christian organizations.  Therefore, we tend to rely more heavily on fundraising events to make tuition and other costs as affordable as possible. The board of Dramatic Truth would like to express their gratitude to our families and students for all past support and participation.

Testing Fees

Each July, the staff of Dramatic Truth conducts testing classes to evaluate students who are interested in advancing to the next level. The testing fee for physical tests is $20 per student per test. For the written test, each student will be loaned a DVD and a workbook to study for the test. If the testing materials are not returned in good condition at the time of testing, an additional $25 charge will be assessed to the account to cover the cost of these materials.  Upon completion of testing, the student is given a written and/or verbal assessment, along with class placement recommendations and a plan for future improvement.