What is The Mystery of Christmas

What is the Mystery of Christmas?

The Mystery of Christmas uses a classic holiday vehicle, The Nutcracker Ballet, to tell the greatest story ever told.  Utilizing the classical sounds of Tchaikovsky and the pageantry of the Nutcracker, the MOC, takes us on a journey to a little town in the Middle East where history stopped …and then started over.
The Mystery of Christmas was conceived in the mid 1980’s in Nashville, TN.  Creator/Artistic Director/Choreographer Liz Dimmel had an idea to perform the classic Nutcracker with a Christmas story line.  “As my husband pursued his music career in Nashville, I was thinking about a ballet that would be relevant during the holidays: one that would communicate to my children the real reason we celebrate Christmas.”
The first half of the production begins at the 18th century Christmas party.  When Fritz and Clara begin fighting over the toys, their Grandfather, gently reminds them that toys and games and parties are not what Christmas is about.  He proceeds to tell the Christmas story.  As Clara falls asleep she does not dream of Sugar Plum Fairies, but angelic host dancing before a humble stable that houses the birth of a king.  Act two showcases the ethnic dances of many nations honoring the birth of the savior.  This will be the 6th year MOC has added the nation of Africa.  The piece was created by local dancer and choreographer Tobin James (Underground Railroad).  The music and excitement from this scene was the highlight for many who have made this event a yearly family tradition.