Let Them Praise His Name with Dancing Pslam 149:3


Breaking and Iso l

Teaches the trained dancer to “let go.” Breaking focuses on learning the basics and foundation of the dance, rhythm, beat timing, explosive movements, personal creativity and freestyle approach. Students are encouraged to break free from familiar specific movements. Learning to dance outside their comfort zone can help students better understand movement as a whole and emphasizes their own personal style & movement. Students will also learn Isolation AKA the Robot!

Ages 7 and up. No experience needed.

Class Times:  Wednesday 11:05-12:05pm

Attire: Loose clothes Sneakers w/o black soles.

Wee/Pre-Breaking and Tumbling

Do you have a little mover, this is the perfect class for them! In this class we incorporate bible stories and the fundamentals of breaking in fun and exciting ways. Students learn basic top rock, floor work, drops, power moves and tumbling. They also learn the basics of rhythm and the importance of cheering on your fellow classmates. Mostly importantly, they learn that dance is a wonderful gift that God gave us to connect with Him and bless others!

Ages: 3-6 Boys and Girls. One class per week to perform.

Attire: Easy clothes to dance in and please bring WATERBOTTLE