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Year At a Glance

August 12th - Open House & Registration Day 11am-3pm

August 14th - First Day of Fall Semester Classes

August 17th - Youth and Trainee Company Auditions, 6:40pm

Sept. 1st - $90 YC/TC Costume and Apparel Fees Due

Sept. 1st - “MOC” Contract & $50 of Perf. Fee DUE

  • Fritz & Clara Auditions, 5:45-7:00pm 

  • “MOC” Party Scene Audition (MUST attend for levels I-III) 7:15-8:30pm

  • Required “MOC” Parent Meeting for ALL Cast Parents, 7:15-8:30pm

Sept. 8th - Party Scene Rehearsals begin (and every Friday but Nov. 25th ), 6:00-8:30pm

Sept. 9th - Act II and Solo Auditions for Levels IV-VI 12:30-4:30pm

Sept 16th - Act II Rehearsals begin, continue EVERY Saturday through Dec. 10th, 12:30pm

Sept. 22nd “MOC” Costuming Party - ALL CAST Required, 4-8:30pm

Sept. 23rd -“Going To See the King” Commitment & Performance Fee DUE

Oct. 1st - Pizza & Marley Cleaning Party 5:00-8:00

Nov. 20th-26th - Thanksgiving Break - NO REGULAR CLASSES OR REHEARSALS

Dec. 7th - Wee/Pre “Going To See the King” Dress Rehearsals

Dec. 8th - Wee/Pre “Going To See the King” Shows

Dec. 10th - Spring Commitment Forms available

Dec. 16th - Last day of Fall Semester Classes

Dec 18th-21st - MOC Production Week – NO REGULAR CLASSES OR REHEARSALS

Dec. 22nd - Jan. 14th - Christmas Break – NO REGULAR CLASSES OR REHEARSALS

Jan. 15th- First Day of Spring Semester Classes

Jan 20th- SWC and Wee/Pre Commitment Form and Performance Fee Due

Feb. 19th - 24th - Parent Step-Up Coffees (during your child’s class)

March 4th- March 10th - Spring Break - NO REGULAR CLASSES OR REHEARSALS

March 18th-22nd - Upper School Parent/Teacher Conferences REDUCED CLASS SCHEDULE

March 29th-30th - Easter Break, NO REGULAR CLASSES

April 8th - 12th Lower School P/T Conf. REDUCED CLASS SCHEDULE

April 13th Youth Company and Trainee Company Show

April 13th - SWC Costume Fees DUE

May 31st- - Wee/Pre Spring Show Dress Rehearsal

June 1st- - Wee/Pre Spring Show 

June 6th - SWC Dress Rehearsal & Show

June 8th - IVB & VB Testing 

June 15th - Last day of Spring Classes

June 15h - IIB & IIIB Testing

July 1st-3rd - Princess Camp 

July 7th-19th- Dramatic Truth Summer Dance Intensive 

July 22nd-26th “Around the World” Youth Intensive (tentative)

August 17th- Open House 2024 11am-3pm

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Year At a Glance: Dance Instructors
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