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School Performance Companies

Embrace Your Love of Dance


Trainee Company

The Trainee Company offers upper level students the opportunity to broaden their performing experience, learning the tools needed for dance ministry. Once our students are in level 5, where they begin studying pointe work, their teacher may submit a student’s name to be considered for an audition into this elite group.  Those students selected will study an additional 2 hours per week under Robin Lauer. They will prepare for several performance opportunities at local and out of town venues.


Youth Company

Dramatic Truth’s Youth Company offers an opportunity for Level III students to cultivate their heart of worship by teaching and giving them more opportunities to combine their dancing technique with their desire to worship our Lord. This will involve adding an extra 2hr class per week to the student’s schedule. They will experience going into the community (nursing homes, churches, schools, etc.) and blessing others through dance.


Irish Step Division

Dramatic Truth’s Irish Step Division strives to preserve the art of traditional Irish Step dancing as well as share this art with the community. Dancers learn and perform traditional soft shoe steps: Reel, Slip Jig, Hop Jig, Light Jig, Single Jig, Treble Jig and hard shoe steps: Heavy Jig, Hornpipe, as well as set dances such as Garden of Daisies, St. Patrick’s Day and Blackbird. Each year, the Irish Step Division performs in The Mystery of Christmas, as well as in community outreaches through the Spring. By performing in both Soft Shoe and Hard Shoe, it is the goal of the division to not only preserve these beautiful dances, but also bring glory to God through them.

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