Tuition and Financial Policies

When registering to take any classes, with the exception of Musical Theatre Workshops, you are enrolling in that class for the rest of the registration period (August – June). Dramatic Truth plans classes and teachers based upon enrollment, and we can only keep our classes open when enrollment stays consistent throughout the semester. However, to facilitate school and family changes, classes may be dropped with 30 days’ written notice. If there is an extenuating circumstance, please feel free to contact a staff member. Notice must be sent to administration at

Tuition Fee

Our tuition schedule is based on classes for the entire family, not for each individual student. However, male dancers may receive a discount, separately, on certain ballet classes. Please speak with the student accounts manager for details on your particular student. This family tuition schedule reflects Dramatic Truth’s desire to support and strengthen families by making tuition as manageable as possible.

Payments are to be made online through the student accounts portal, at the front desk, the payment box, or mailed to: Dramatic Truth Business Office, 1001 Highgrove, Grandview, MO 64030 Please do not mail payments to the studio address.

DT accepts one of three payment options:

  • Monthly payment by credit card (3% processing fee), cash, or check

  • Semester payment – receive a 2% discount – August, January

  • Full Tuition payment (Payment in Full) – receive a 5% discount – through August

For cost of classes per hour please refer to the tuition table on our website at under the school tab, financial policies and fees.

  1. Tuition is Due the 1st of the month (except for August).

  2. Automatic withdrawal on the 1st of the month is the preferred method of payment.

  3. It is required that a credit card be on file. Otherwise, we require a full month’s tuition in advance of the current month to be maintained for the entire year. 

  4. Mailed checks must be received by the 7th, or a $20 late fee and outstanding tuition will be charged to cards on the 8th. Paying via bank-issued check should allow for an extra week to process at your bank, to avoid being late.

  5. We reserve the right to process your card on file for outstanding charges at any time during the month. This may include but is not limited to: tuition balance, merchandise, tickets, costumes, registration, and performance fees.

  6. If a tuition balance remains unpaid on the 15th of the month, the student will be removed from classes until the balance is paid in full. We understand that financial hiccups happen, and we are happy to work with you, but your proactive notice to us in the event of a payment issue is greatly appreciated!

  7. All payments received will be applied to outstanding tuition first.

  8. Tuition must be up to date to participate in performances.

  9. There are no refunds. There is no prorating for vacations or injuries. (see makeups below)

  10. Tuition is divided into 11 equal payments, for the convenience of families. The full academic year tuition is based on a 38-week formula in which breaks and holidays are accounted for. It is each family’s responsibility to ensure that account payments and information is kept updated.

  11. Expect to purchase additional shoes, tights, leotard, and other personal items for performances, depending on class level.         

  12. Every effort is made to not schedule shows or rehearsals in a way that interferes with normal classes. However, in the case of a rehearsal or show being scheduled during a regular class, no tuition credit will be issued. 

Adding or Dropping Classes

If you decide to add or drop classes, it may affect the tuition amount you are charged. If a student wishes to add a class, simply contact student accounts or register through the online portal. Fall Registration represents the intention to continue with classes for the full year, from August – June. Classes may be dropped with 30 days’ written  notice. Please note verbal communication with the teacher is not considered notice.

Registration Fee

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $45.00 per 1st student, $15 each additional child in a family. Payment of this fee permits a student to register and begin classes at any time during the school year without any additional registration fees.

Upper School Performance and Costume Fees

Each school year, Dramatic Truth stages two major productions for Lower and Upper Schools, one being The Mystery of Christmas, and the other, a Spring Concert in June. The primary purpose for these productions is to provide an opportunity for students to use their skills in a performance setting. Student participation in both major productions is optional for Level III.

While there is no costume purchase or rental for The Mystery of Christmas, families are responsible for:

  • Tights, ballet/jazz shoes, pointe shoes, accessories, etc.

  • Full December Tuition & MOC Performance Package

  • 12 Parent Work Hours or a payment of $100.00

For the Spring Concert

  • Tights, shoes, pointe shoes, accessories, etc.

  • Spring Concert Performance Package and Costume Fees

  • Parent Work Hours – one slot per family as needed depending on the show

Testing Fee

Each July, the staff of Dramatic Truth conducts testing classes to evaluate students in each Level’s  B year who are eligible to advance to the next level. The Testing Fee for the technique, written, and pointe tests is $20 per student, per test. Students may be loaned a workbook to study for the test ($25 charge if not returned), or may choose to receive an emailed digital copy of the workbook upon request. Upon completion of testing, the student is given a written and/or verbal assessment, along with class placement recommendations and a plan for future improvement.

Returned Check Charges

There will be a $25 charge for any check returned by the bank, whether for insufficient funds or any reason.


Dramatic Truth conducts fundraising events for the purpose of supplementing our normal sources of revenue. The funds generated by these events have been crucial to the on-going success of the organization, particularly during the summer months. Fundraising in the past has included Advertising booklets, Raffle Baskets, and DT merchandise sales. We encourage families to support DT in these events which help keep Christian movement arts accessible to our families.

It is important to understand that because Dramatic Truth is an organization that unashamedly promotes Christian beliefs and principles, we are somewhat limited in our access to public funding. Unlike Scouting and other secular, youth-oriented organizations, our contributions typically come only from individuals and other Christian organizations. Therefore, we tend to rely more heavily on fundraising events to make tuition and other costs as affordable as possible. The Board of Dramatic Truth would like to express their gratitude to our families and students for all past support and participation.

Tuition Fee Schedule:     

Hours per week per familyMonthly Fee

0.75hr        55

1hr             60

1.25hr        74

1.5hr          87

1.75hr        99

2hr           110

2.25hr      121

2.5hr        131

2.75hr      141

3hr           150

3.25hr      159

3.5hr        167

3.75hr      174

4hr           180

4.25hr      188

4.5hr        196

4.75hr      203

5hr           210

5.25hr      217

5.5hr        223

5.75hr      229

6hr           236

6.25hr      241

6.5hr        247

6.75hr      253

7hr           258

7.25hr      265

7.5hr        270

7.75hr      275

8hr           280

8.25hr      285

8.5hr        290

8.75hr      295

9hr           300

9.25hr      305

9.5hr        310

9.75hr      315

10hr         320

10.25hr    325

10.5hr      330

10.75hr    335

11hr         340

11.25hr    345

11.5hr      350

11.75hr    355

12hr         360

12.25hr    365

12.5hr      370

12.75hr    375

13hr         380

13.25hr    385

13.5hr      390

13.75hr    395

14hr         400

14.25hr    405

14.5hr      410

14.75hr    415

15hr         420

15.25hr    425

15.5hr      430

15.75hr    435

16hr         440

16.25hr    445

16.5hr      450

16.75hr    455

17hr         460

17.25hr    465

17.5hr      470

17.75hr    475

18hr         480

18.25hr    485

18.5hr      490

18.75hr    495

19hr         500

19.25hr    505

19.5hr      510

19.75hr    515

20hr       520

Each additional 30 min $10

Each additional credit hour is $20/hr extra

Strengthening fee 2C-5 $20

Single class fee $20

2.5% semester discount

5% yearly discount