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Audition for The Company: About

Audition for The Company

Please submit a video audition, fill out the form below, and request an audition.

Video should include

  • A classical variation on pointe

  • A contemporary/modern piece

  • A pirouette and turns across the floor combination on pointe

  • An adagio combination in technique shoes

  • A petite allegro combination

  • A grande allegro combination


Please also send

  • Head shot and vital statistics

  • Training

  • Performance experience

  • Testimony


Company Audition

  • Be prepared for a ballet and modern class and Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre repertoire choreography

  • Bring resume & headshot

  • Appropriate attire and hair for each section of the audition


Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre is a neoclassical ballet company with a varied repertoire.  Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre uses extensive pointe work, Graham and Horton modern techniques in its work.  Its annual season runs from September through July with major performances, including The Mystery of Christmas, a Christian rewrite of the full length Nutcracker, an original ballet in the spring with repertoire that the Company tours stateside and many times internationally.


Rehearsals are held Tuesday through Friday, with some longer Saturday rehearsals for the major ballets. We offer full and part time positions.  Both are paid per performances accordingly. All other contracts are on a volunteer basis.  Contact us for auditions.

Audition for The Company: Text
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