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Student and Class Policies

If any of these policies are not adhered to, a meeting with the student and parent will be called

to determine appropriate action.


Statement of Fellowship 

At Dramatic Truth we seek to strike a loving, affirming balance between our knowledge of God, knowing who we are in Christ, and loving our community. While we hold that study, discussion, and mentoring in Scripture are essential and natural in the training and equipping of Dramatic Truth dancers when subjects arise where everyone may not agree with one perspective, Dramatic Truth’s position will lovingly, kindly, and respectfully adhere to the traditional interpretation of Scripture, while always, and absolutely, being sensitive to the heart and perspective of all members of the discussion, with the end goal of building up each person. We will create an environment of love and respect for everyone, no matter their beliefs or lifestyle, where everyone feels welcome and loved. Please ask us if you have any questions about our ministry or our beliefs. 


Dress Code and Classroom Etiquette

Dramatic Truth is committed to upholding standards that will develop discipline and respect in students while emphasizing to each student their individual worth and contribution. The following are class guidelines that we expect all students to adhere to in order to uphold unity, harmony, and respect for teachers and fellow students.


Dance Dress Code

All students must adhere to the dress and hair code and an instructor or another staff member may ask you to match the dress code before continuing in class. (DTBT Company is exempt from the dress code.)​ Please see each class tab for dress code. More detailed information for upper school or for advanced classes are available on request. 



  • If a student cannot come to the Warm-Up class beforehand, it is expected that the student arrives 10 minutes before class to give themselves a warm-up to be ready for class. 

  • Students arriving late or unready for class MUST enter the classroom immediately, not hang about in unsupervised areas. 

  • A late arriving student, once ready, must wait to the side of the classroom to be invited to join. If the student is habitually late, a meeting will occur between the teacher and the parent.

  • Students should have his/her uniform on correctly and hair in place before participating in any warm-up or class.


Posture & Readiness

Students do not sit down or lean on the barre or wall during class. Students are expected to stand up straight without folding their arms or placing hands on hips. Barres must be in place and students in prep position when the teacher enters the classroom. Students may be asked to sit out of class if not prepared.

Talking in Class

No side conversations are allowed during class. Sometimes questions concerning technique arise in class during the learning process. When the teacher is finished with a correction or combination, you may ask your question in a respectful and polite manner by raising your hand. All students should listen carefully to any correction given to any student during the class or rehearsal, not talking to other students. Thank the teacher for the answer. It is not appropriate to ask for directions from another student in the class. At the conclusion of class, dancers are expected to personally thank the teacher. Criticism of the instructor inside or outside of class by the student is not permitted.


NO electronics are allowed in class. All electronics must be silenced at the beginning of class and put away.


Gum should never enter the studio, as it can very quickly destroy the floors and shoes.


Addressing of Teachers and Staff

All teachers and staff members (including the front desk) are to be addressed with Mr./Mrs./Miss followed by their first or last name, no exceptions. They should be honored and respected by students, families, and each other for their knowledge in their respective fields and their contribution to Dramatic Truth. Any parental concerns with a teacher or staff member should be directed first to that person, and then to the Artistic Director. Teachers should be thanked verbally or with applause at the end of each class in Lower and Upper Schools.


DT Incident/Behavior Report Policy

Your child’s safety is extremely important to Dramatic Truth. Therefore, if an event (illness, accident, behavior, etc.) happens in the classroom, the teacher will contact the parent after class or within 24 hours. Teachers will also contact parents if a student habitually complains of injuries before class, is unable/unwilling to participate in parts of the class, or frequently violates the dress code.



Drop-off and Pick-up Policies

  • Please drop off your child/children at least 5 minutes before his/her class begins. Any students waiting must quietly wait in the front near the front desk. 

  • All students must be picked up directly after class. Our teachers have places to be also, please be on time. 

  • A student left more than 10 minutes after class may be charged for childcare.



  • All parents of lower level students (IIB & below) MUST come into the building to pick up their child. 

  • If non-family members are helping with transportation, we must be notified beforehand or your child may not be released. This is for the safety of your child. 


School Phone Numbers:

General Inquiries: 816-767-9222  

Registration and Billing: 913-375-3406

School Email:

Leaving Premises 

No DT students are allowed to walk to Dollar General in between classes or while waiting for pickup. Please feel free to bring a snack in an insulated container. Label all snack containers.


In the Event of…

Absences and Class Make-Up Policy

There are no refunds. All missed classes must be made up within the current school year. Students may make up in their current level or one level below. Missed classes must be made up in the same dance genre, i.e. Ballet with Ballet, Tap with Tap.

Lack of Participation Due to Ongoing Injuries 

If a student has an injury that prevents fully taking class, the student is expected to sit at the front of the room and record notes. The teacher will communicate with parents within a day notifying them of the absence of participation. Injured students are expected to work on rehabilitating the injury during class time and outside of class. Teachers are happy to give advice about recovering from injuries or directing students and parents to medical partners for help. If an injury persists for 3 weeks, the student will be asked to sit out of class until they have a rehabilitation plan from a physician regarding the injury.

Illness Policy

If a student has a fever or has vomited within the past 24 hours, he/she is not allowed in the studio for 24 hours after the fever has broken. Please also do not come to the studio if your child shows obvious symptoms of being ill, such as a cough, runny nose, or sneezing. Please call or text your teacher to let her know of the absence.

Holidays, Closings & Bad Weather Policy

DT does not follow the school calendar or school closing policy of any school district. Between August and June, we are closed Thanksgiving week, Christmas Break, Spring Break, and Easter (Good Friday to Easter Sunday). We do not take Labor Day, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, or Memorial Day off. If families choose to miss class in observance of these holidays, they may make up the missed class per the class Make-Up Policy.

*Any changes or cancellations due to bad weather (Snow day, etc) will be sent out via email by 2:00 PM during the week and 8:00 AM on Wednesday & Saturday, so please check your email. Please do not call teachers about bad weather cancellations.

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