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School of The Arts

Embrace Your Love of Dance

At our school we raise up dancers, whom not only have the highest technique, but are also inspired to use dance to connect with their Creator and the people around them. Our school offers a track for serious dancers wanting to join a professional company one day. We also have a track for recreational dancers who just love dancing and want to pursue it as a hobby.

School of The Arts: Classes

Wee and Pre-Dance

Ballet, Tap and Breaking Classes


Lower Ballet School

Levels 1-2


Upper Ballet School

Levels 3-6


Tap and Jazz

Adult and Child


Breaking Classes

On Your Feet


Irish Step

Soft Shoe and Hard Shoe


Musical Theatre

Classes and Workshops

Group Dance

Adult Classes

Let’s Do It

School of The Arts: Text

Site Map

School of The Arts: Dance Instructors
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