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The Shadow of His Wings  Summer Dance Intensive 2023

Please read through all the information below,  at the bottom of the page

you may begin the application process. 


Student Track- Beginner and Intermediate:

The Student Track is for the beginner and intermediate students who have a passion for dance and are excited to familiarize themselves with the various genres in the dance world while rigorously advancing in ballet technique. Dancers will be encouraged to refine their ballet skills and explore new styles and areas of dance, including sessions to learn choreography designed by our faculty. 

Auditioning for Student Track:
Ages 12 and up may apply for this track. Students must complete all the application requirements including the application form and an arabesque. Applicants will be notified of their applications acceptance within 3 weeks of submission. Scholarships are available, based on financial need. Please contact the office at for more information.

1st Arabesque Image and Headshot:
All Dancers must submit a clear, unobstructed first arabesque (profile) en pointe for ladies, on flat for beginners not yet on pointe, or on demi-pointe for men. Please wear only a leotard and tights for the photo. Applications will not be processed without the required photo being received. If  you are accepted, you will also be required to include 2 physical copies of your a recent headshot with your final application.

Summer Dance Intensive Details


A.Paid Before March 31st:


B.Paid April 1st - May 31st:


C. Paid After May 31st: 


A. $400 – 1 week

B. $450 - 1 week

C. $500 - 1 week


A. 1 week - $250 

B. 1 week - $275

C. 1 week - $300

A. $800 – 2 weeks

B. $850 - 2 weeks

C. $950 - 2 weeks

A. 2 weeks - $500

B. 2 weeks - $550

C.2 weeks - $600

*Additional Charges for Transportation if Needed. See Below.


Classes for all tracks and levels include Ballet, Pointe (on flat for young dancers as needed), Variations, Repertoire, Contemporary and Modern.  Our aim is to help develop the skills dancers will need to be prepared for today’s leading ballet companies. 

This two-week intensive provides dancers with a unique experience, to learn alongside other dancers who are serious about pursuing excellence as well as finding God’s purpose for their dancing. Our intensive is a time of intense daily physical training with evenings full of worship and seeking the Lord in an environment targeted toward releasing your gifts.

Application Fee:
Please submit a $100 application fee, non-refundable, when submitting your application. The application fee will be applied toward your tuition balance. You will be notified within 3 weeks regarding acceptance into the program. 


Out of Town Applicants:

Applicants arriving from out of town should plan on arriving Saturday, July 8th, preferably between 10am and 4pm. Dancers are required to keep administration up to date on travel plans and changes.



Visiting SDI Dancers from out of town have the option to stay with Dramatic Truth families in single and double occupancy rooms as available, on a first come, first served basis. Families provide housing, daily transportation to and from the school, 3 meals per day, laundry facilities, and inclusion in weekend and evening family activities as desired. Students who arrive before Saturday, July 8th or leaving after Saturday of their final week will be charged an extra $50 per day for additional housing. Students enrolling after May 31st are not eligible for housing.

Dancers arriving from the airport will be taken directly to their housing families to get settled. Dancers who drive into Kansas City but require housing should arrive after 2pm on Saturday. Housing families will meet with the Director and the Host Families via Zoom in May in order to arrange itineraries and get to know each other. Both Housing dancers and Host Families are required to adhere to the Housing Agreement at all times. 


Housing Pricing: 

1 week - $250 (Saturday July 8th - Saturday July 15th)
2 weeks - $500 (Saturday July 8th - Saturday July 22nd)
* Prices given here assume payment by March 31st. For full price schedule see above.


Airport Transportation:

Visiting SDI Dancers flying into Kansas City may sign up to be shuttled to and from the airport. 

Pricing: $40 each way. Students who arrive or leave on a day other than Saturday will be charged an additional $25 per trip. 


Enrollment & Fee Payments:

Once a dancer is accepted into the DT SDI, the dancer will create an account in our online portal and enroll in a 1 or 2 week session (regardless of level). Dancers will also add Housing and Transportation options as needed. All payments except for the initial application fee for tuition and housing will be made on the portal, and dancers will receive an email receipt with each payment made. Complete payment of all fees is required by May 31st. Applicants who apply after May 31st are subject to an additional fee of $100, and all tuition fees are due immediately upon enrollment. See page 3 for full tuition and housing fee schedule. A 3% fee is added to credit and debit card payments on the portal. There is no additional fee for ACH (checking account) payments. 


Beginning the Intensive, Sunday, July 9th:

All dancers are required to attend the orientation at 4pm on Sunday, July 9th, followed by placement classes for ballet and modern at 4:30pm.


SDI Showcase:
Dancers in the 2-week session will have the opportunity to dance in a showcase on Friday, July 

21st, of the choreography learned during the intensive. The Showcase will be recorded and made available to families unable to attend in person. There is no fee to attend the SDI Showcase in-person. 


Refunds: for Injury, Illness, Cancellation, and Behavior Issues

Dramatic Truth SDI reserves the right to send a dancer home at his/her own expense due to injury, illness, behavior not in keeping with Christian principles, or a change in the dancer’s desire or ability to fully participate in the SDI. No refunds will be issued for illness, injury, or behavior, and no refunds will be issued for cancellations made after June 1st. A 50% refund will be given for enrollees who cancel before June 1st.


Injury/Illness/Mental Health Policy:

Dramatic Truth SDI Administration will immediately contact a minor Dancer’s parent(s) or guardian(s) in the event of a serious illness, injury, or mental health concern. In a medical emergency, Dramatic Truth Administration will make the choice to seek medical care for the minor Dancer until a parent or guardian can be contacted, or until the Dancer over the age of 18 can make his or her own medical decisions or a medical surrogate can be contacted. Be sure to fully fill out the Notarized Medical Release, Medication Information and Authorization, and Mental Health Disclosure documents.   


Dramatic Truth seeks to follow Christ and display Christ-like behavior, and as such, all Dramatic Truth SDI Dancers, Faculty, and Staff are required to display behavior in accordance with Christian principles. 

  • Dancers staying with Host Families should abide by the Housing Agreement Terms as well.

  • Dancers should display a respectful and teachable attitude to faculty and staff, in gratitude to the expertise and experience given to them. 

  • Dancers should treat each other with kindness and charity, refraining from gossip and conversation that tears down another Dancer or any member of Dramatic Truth Faculty or Staff. Dancers should be timely to classes, ready to start when the faculty member enters the room.

  • Dancers arriving late to class must wait inside the door to be invited to join the class by the Faculty member.

  • Dancers should applaud and/or thank the Faculty member at the end of every class.

  • Dancers should keep their personal items together, in an orderly and tidy manner at the school. 

  • Phones and personal electronics must be OFF or on “Silent” during class.

  • Dancers should fully engage in the classes, up to their ability, demonstrating a good work ethic and desire to try new and challenging technique. 

  • Faculty and Staff should model self-discipline and compassion in their treatment of Dancers, and orderliness and excellence of technique in class instruction. 

  • Corrections by Faculty should be forthright but kind when given, and gratefully received and diligently applied by Dancers. 

  • When sin occurs, all parties should seek to resolve the occurrence with humility, kindness, and forgiveness as soon as possible, involving Administration if the parties are not able to resolve the situation independently.

  • A Dancer who repeatedly resists redirection of school rules or Deportment Guidelines  may be removed from classes and required to meet with Administration before being allowed resuming classes. 


As a last resort, a Dancer who repeatedly violates school rules or Deportment Guidelines to a grave degree, or in an openly rebellious manner, may be sent home from the SDI at the Dancer’s expense.


SDI Dress Code & Dance Equipment:


  • Leotard  - No low-cut back (past the waist) or plunging necklines. No meshed cut-outs on the mid-torso. Leotards designed to display a lack of torso coverage as opposed to a traditional leotard are not permitted.

  • Bras must either be in the same line as the class leo or must be the dancer’s skin tone, the dancer is always welcome to wear a skin colored leo underneath their class leo

  • Tights - pink, preferably convertible foot style. (bring a spare!)

  • Tights - one pair black tights

  • Pink Leather or Canvas Ballet Shoes (bring an extra pair!)

  • Pointe Shoes & a spare pair with any necessary accessories (be sure to set yourself successfully by bringing two pairs of shoes and ALL your needed pointe shoe accessories!)

  • Short Black Wrap Skirt (no longer than mid-thigh but must cover the bottom)

  • Hair fully secured off face in bun or french twist. No bangs or whisps.

  • Extra Hair supplies - nets, pins, spray (NO hairspray or Hair brushing on the Marley)

  • NO jewelry other than small ear studs or small hoops, including Apple watches and Fitbits (unless approved by Administration for medical reasons)

  • NO long nails or acrylic nails (length at discretion of Faculty and Staff)

  • Student Showcase dancers should not have nail polish other than natural or French.



  • Short Sleeved Black or White Leotard or Black or White Plain, Tight-fitting, Short-sleeved Shirt  - No low-cut back past the waist or plunging necklines. No meshed cut-outs on the mid-torso. Leotards designed to display a lack of torso coverage as opposed to a traditional leotard are not permitted.

  • Dance Belt, FULL seat only. Thong style is not permitted.

  • Black Dance Tights

  • Black Leather or or Canvas Ballet Shoes (Bring an extra pair!)

  • Hair secured back from face as needed.


All Dancers:

  • Warm-Ups or Coverup (Dancers may NOT leave the studio in class wear. Cover-ups are required for modesty outside the building.)

  • No offensive language on any clothing, and no writing on the seat of pants or shorts.

  • Pointe Shoe Boot Covers (optional)

  • Jazz Shoes (optional)

  • Healthy, High Energy Snacks and Meals - 

    • NO Junk Food at the school

    • NO gum anywhere in the studio

    • NO liquids other than plain water on the Marley

  • Plastic or Metal Water Bottle with lid or cap! (NO Glass)

  • Electrolyte Powder or Solution (optional)

  • One or more for rolling out, or similar item:

    • Golf, Lacrosse, or Peanut Ball, Foam Roller 

  • Muscle Creams/Cramp Relievers like BioFreeze or BenGay (optional)

  • Athletic Brace(s) if you have a known or previous need to use a brace, or if desired

  • Resistance Band (multiple levels of resistance if possible)

  • Sweat towel

  • Roller or Stick Deodorant (No Sprays)

  • Bible

  • Notebook or Journal

  • Pens/Pencils

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